What energy dimensions do you work with?

Brennan Healing Science identifies four dimensions as physical, auric, haric and core star.  These dimensions correspond to:  a lively and healthy body, a vibrancy in the personality, an inner intention to enjoy a full experience of life, and a confident yet relaxed sense of self.

Some people experience pain, weakness or disease which seems to have no direct physical cause.  If a physical examination finds nothing amiss, energy healing could bring relief, because problems in the deeper energy system can find expression in the physical.

Emotional patterns or habits also affect physical health.  Stress is the classic example.  This is the realm of the auric, or the personality.  Energy healers use specific procedures to open up the stuck areas, releasing old patterns or beliefs which can cramp a person's enjoyment of life.

The haric aspect is similar to the Maori concept of mana, or 'bearing'.  It is experienced as a state of being supported without apparent effort.  It is also the realm of intentionality.

Core star (or core essence) can be seen and enjoyed in a young child.  It is an undefended state of curiousity and delight with all that life offers.

Each of these dimensions has a distinct character and function, and can be accessed during a healing session as needed.