What do clients mostly come for?

The most common referring complaint is anxiety which doesn't appear to have any specific cause.  This can extend to unstable mood, excessive stress or a feeling of not coping.

Clients usually prefer to avoid medication as a form of treatment, and would like to take charge of what is happening in their bodies and minds.

The underlying cause almost always includes a chronic elevation of the sympathetic response.  This means "fight-or-flight" alarm bells are ringing almost all the time.  Other symptoms are "wired and tired", poor sleeping, inability to relax, adrenal depletion, headaches . . .

Many people do not know how to switch off the fight-or-flight response in their body when it is no longer needed, nor soothe themselves after being stressed. 

This complaint can be treated well with energy work, and clients can also learn to manage it for themselves.  It's not difficult.  One approach is for clients to learn how to sense into and breathe with the diaphragm, which can switch off this reaction almost instantly. 

Oddly, very few people can do this initially.  Training does bring a deeper awareness of the body-mind and its impulsive reactions, and leads to increased skill in managing our conscious state of being.