How does energy healing work?

In our culture we often consider that body and mind act independently of each other, and so we treat them separately.  With energy healing we treat the body and mind as two aspects of the same entity. 

What happens in the conscious (and subconscious) mind eventually appears in the body.  Or, put more bluntly, "The issues appear in the tissues." 

For example, if you are feeling anxious then some part of your body will probably have a 'tight' or 'holding' quality to it.  Many people carry excess tension in specific parts of their bodies.  This tension might express itself as muscle ache, cramped digestion, depressed mood, poor posture, proneness to injury or the inability to relax or sleep well.

And just as the body gives expression to what's in the mind, we can also use the body to navigate back into the mind, or consciousness.  Here is the real power and beauty of hands-on healing work - it has the outer appearance of something physical, but it goes much deeper.

This deeper healing involves a surrender to the higher intelligence of the body-mind system.  It invites our natural essence to flow through into our lives.  If your parents or other authority figures kept reminding you how bad or naughty you were, you might have lost sight of your own natural essence.  But it's there!

Energy healing requires a high quality of presence and focus from the healing practitioner.  In our culture we tend to ascribe results more to techniques used or substances applied or ingested, and pay little attention to presence.  Presence and attention can have a powerful impact when applied with skill.