Does energy healing have any scientific basis?

Yes - but you have to go to the frontiers of modern science to see how the pieces fit together.  Quantum physics is one frontier which sheds light on aspects of energy healing that do not otherwise make sense.  

Quantum physics is the branch of science which investigates how physical matter behaves at a microscopic level, and deals with atoms and sub-atomic particles.  There are some surprises here, compared to how matter appears to behave in everyday life.

For example, at a sub-atomic level, the distinction between physical matter and pure energy becomes quite blurred.  An atom is now considered to be almost entirely empty space, occupied mostly by an ‘energy field’ of attraction between the nucleus and orbiting electrons.  This suggests that everything we experience as physical matter - including our own bodies - is mostly energy, some of which has become dense enough to 'appear' solid.

Quantum physicists also recognise the existence of organising energy fields which support all forms of life - including the human body.  This means that no part of a living person can exist without a complex energy field existing first. 

As many of the cells in our bodies die and get replaced, it is this underlying energy field which acts like a plan or blueprint for all the organs and tissues, and ensures we stay recognisable as the same person from year to year.  In a sense, physical matter 'flows' through our bodies like a river flows down a river bed, and the unchanging part is our energy-consciousness template.

Another great piece from quantum physics is that certain physical events have different outcomes depending on whether they are observed or not, and even depending on the state of mind of the observer.  If this can happen in physics, it's no longer difficult to believe that the right kind of 'presence' provided by a healer could help to bring about changes in a client's energy system.

For more information on energy fields check out The Living Matrix movie.