Could energy healing treat my problem?

An illness or disease could be a message from your inner self, saying, 'Wait a minute. Something is wrong. You are ignoring something important!'  We may choose to disregard these messages. 

Or quieten them with painkillers.  Or repress them with our will-power.  These actions do not attempt to solve the underlying problem, which will usually reappear later in a more serious form.

Energy healing attempts to trace the original source of an illness.  It does this by gently opening the flow of energy in both the body and the energy-consciousness system, releasing buried emotions and bringing to the surface an awareness of the underlying issues.  Often the original pain can then be released, perhaps with a heart-felt sigh of relief.

A specific physical pain or illness can be a convincing metaphor of a deeper issue.  It's embedded in our language.  We can develop stomach aches, ulcers or digestive problems when we persistently repress our ‘gut feel’ or inner conviction about something important.  Back pain or spinal defects can point to a 'lack of support' at a fundamental level.  We joke about people being ‘weak-knee-ed’ or ‘shitty-livered’ or a ‘pain in the neck’.

Some researchers have postulated that the body is capable of generating a serious sensation of pain by slightly restricting the blood flow to specific muscles.  Pain is another way in which the underlying energy-consciousness system can 'communicate' with our waking awareness. 

Muscular or joint pain not directly attributable to physical injury or strain (particularly in the neck, shoulders, lower back and hips) can fall into this category, particularly if it has also proved unresponsive to physical therapy, surgery or medication.

A useful working rule is that if physical pain or illness does not appear to have a direct physical cause, consider probing deeper into the energy-consciousness system with some form of energy work.