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what is full health?Riki with Butterfly

If you can maintain a strong and powerful immune system, with mind and body in balance, you will be virtually impervious to all forms of illness and disease.

Stress compromises the immune system.  The central nervous system has two operating modes in respect of stress, comparable to the accelerator and the brake when driving a car.  Normally we use the accelerator to gently regulate our speed.  Occasionally we need to brake, sometimes heavily.

Parasympathetic mode is like using the accelerator, carefully applied in a calm state of full awareness while going forward in life.  At a cellular level there is normal growth and repair in the body, removal of toxins and debris (including dead or cancerous cells) and healing from injury, disease or infection. 

Sympathetic mode is triggered by a perceived threat, and is akin to hitting the brakes in a panic.  This is the fight, flight or freeze mode, and it arises in an instant!  In this mode our inner intelligence allocates top priority to dealing with the present perceived threat, and shuts down or limits non-urgent processes like digestion, immunity, cell rejuvenation and rational thinking. 

This sympathetic mode is a great reflex when episodes of stress are occasional and short-lived.  The main health problem of today is that the average person is in sympathetic mode for long periods of time . . . like driving with one foot firmly on the brake!  This is how the immune system becomes compromised.


what is energy healing?

Energy healing works by removing or reducing the stressors which prevent the immune system from working at full efficiency.  When achieved the body heals itself, as it is designed to do.  Mind and emotions also heal, quite naturally.

It's not always this simple, for two reasons:  Firstly, many events in everyday life continue to trigger sympathetic arousal.  This fight-or-flight state arrives quickly and dissipates slowly.  We can learn skills and techniques to deal with present-moment triggers, such as meditation and diaphragmatic breathing.

Secondly, many stress triggers arise at an unconscious level, beneath our awareness.  Distant memories, distorted images and false beliefs from the past all conspire to 'protect' us - even when we don't need protecting in this way.  So we unconsciously react to many innocent situations as though they were life-threatening.  Psychologists call it transference, which means reacting to a present situation as though it was as threatening as a past event.

These concealed triggers can be the root cause of a huge range of issues, from physical distress like skin complaints, to emotional states like anxiety and depression, outbursts of anger, lack of confidence . . . through to diseases and physical ailments for which western medicine knows no external cure.


ancient art and modern science

Energy healing reaches deep into the energy/consciousness system and can bring about profound changes in health and well-being.  It works on many levels:  physical, mental, emotional and psychological.

It is a very ancient art and has been practised in many cultures.  But it's also completely modern - even quantum physics is starting to recognise its subtle ways of working.

In one form, it can look like hands-on healing, with the client lying comfortably on a table, deeply relaxed.  In another form it can look like a conversation, with a deeper 'process' working away beneath the conversation, dismantling unconscious triggers that are no longer true.

Healing sessions clear and charge the energy-consciousness system, dissolve blocks that compromise the immune system, and enhance a person’s natural healing and rejuvenation ability. 


energy healing is available for people with a wide range of issues, including:

  • "wired and tired", experiencing stress and tension
  • angry outbursts, moody, easily irritated or annoyed
  • lack of vitality, lethargy
  • a sense of being stuck, disconnected from life, lack of fulfilment
  • muscular tightness, difficulty relaxing
  • defensive behaviour, poor performance at work or in relationships
  • recovery from upsetting events

Yes, it is a wide range of issues!  The common thread is a distortion in the flow of energy (or perhaps you prefer the term consciousness).  And yes, there are ways of addressing all of these kinds of issues. 

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I do not medically diagnose nor do I prescribe medical treatment.  If a client has a physical injury or disease condition I require that he or she is under the care of a registered medical practitioner.  I do not advise clients to discontinue any conventional medical treatment they are receiving.  I intend my work to be in harmony with any other healing modality that a client uses.